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Increasing visibility in social networks in the 21st century in which we are in a digitalization process; It has become a benchmark for relationships as well as a good career. This situation, along with positive examples, can cause negative examples and unhealthy processes. You can apply certain methods to reach a certain level of awareness on social media platforms and increase your number of followers. However, the methods mostly differ from platform to platform. If you follow certain methods to increase your number of followers on Instagram and ensure that your posts reach more people, you can get positive results in a short time.

Use up to 10 hashtags only

First of all, it is important that the shares you make on Instagram are related to each other. Posting independent photos continuously can prevent you from gaining permanent followers. Contrary to popular belief, using numerous hashtags on Instagram is not positive. If you choose to use a heavy hashtag, your followers will increase in the short term, but they will stop following you later. Intensive use of labels; It may cause your posts to be perceived as “spam” by users and Instagram’s artificial intelligence. Using a small number of hashtags associated with the image you post can provide effective results in the medium and long term. Related and regular posts make an impact On your Instagram account for example; If you’re posting on art history, then keep the same theme. The fact that the visual you post belongs to the same category provides effective results in terms of gaining a permanent follower. Regular sharing is also one of the important factors in gaining followers. It is an effective method to increase your awareness on Instagram by sharing your messages at a certain level daily.

Follow and evaluate trends

Following trends in all social networks, not just Instagram, can lead to serious interactions. Any trend on the social network is used as a new language, form of expression among users. Follow the trends on Instagram, of course. However, adapting to these trends may not always produce positive results. The critical issue here is to provide a perspective on trends based on your identity on social media.

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