Does It Give a Warning When You Unarchive a Post on Instagram? (Solution)

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When you archive a post, it disappears from your profile and gives no warning. But posts are only lost for others. You can still see posts in ‘Archived Posts’ on Instagram. Archive usually removes a photo or video from public view. Even though it isn’t available to others, you still have access to it.

Conversely, deleting a post is a permanent function. No user, including you, will be able to see the post. You can recover no post after deletion. The only option is to upload the photo or video again. Archiving a post still preserves all likes and comments. The title remains the same. When you cancel, all three will appear on your profile again with the post as if nothing had happened.

In case of deletion, the post will no longer exist, so the likes, comments, and caption will accompany it.

What Happens When You Unarchive a Post?

You can unsubscribe from the post at any time. So you can put archived posts back on your profile without re-uploading them. When you take this action, it will appear on your profile in the same place and not as a new post. For example, if you archived a post in June, posts published before July appear in chronological order.

However, once you hit the delete button, your posts will be lost forever. Of course, if you don’t have a copy on your phone, there’s no way to get it back. Then you have to republish it as a new post.

How to Unarchive Posts and Stories?

  1. Open your Instagram profile screen. Tap the ‘Archive’ icon. On Android, you’ll find the archive icon (similar to a clock) next to the three-bar menu.
  2. You will direct to the archive section. Here tap on ‘Story Archive’ (Android) or ‘Archive’ (iPhone) and select ‘Posts’ from the menu.
  3. In this section, you will easily find all your previously archived posts. Tap the video and photo you want to unarchive.

Tap the icon with the three bars at the top and select ‘Show on Profile’ from the menu. The post is now visible to everyone. If you’re having issues canceling archiving, check out our detailed guide.

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