How to Add Story on Instagram?

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You can easily add Instagram Stories by uploading a photo or live video with your smartphone via the Instagram app. Your photo or video will only be visible for the next 24 hours. It’s a good way for more engagement, and you increase your company’s visibility.

This is a new way to share content for Instagram and you. While this is still about sharing a photo or video, Instagram Stories doesn’t have to be perfect. Sharing the moment of the day is easy and a great way to show a different side of yourself or your company. The possibilities are endless.

Appearance of Instagram Stories

Open the Instagram app on your smartphone, and at the top of the screen, you will see the latest Instagram Stories of the people you follow. You can see the stories by clicking on one of the circles. When someone adds a new story, a colored circle appears around their profile picture.

When you go to an Instagram user’s profile and see a colored circle around their profile picture, you’ll know a new story has been added. Click on the profile picture to see the latest news.

While viewing a story, it’s possible to send a message to the Instagram user who shared the story. At the bottom left, you will see ‘Send message.’ The sent message will forward as a private message. You must enable this option.

Add Instagram Stories

Are you ready to add your first moment to Instagram Stories? Take your mobile phone and open your Instagram app:

  • Click the plus sign in the top left corner of your Instagram feed to add a new Instagram Story.
  • With the round button at the bottom of the screen, you can take a photo or hold the button to record a video.
  • Add text or drawings by clicking the buttons in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Add a filter as you like by swiping left or right and choosing from 7 different options.
  • Click the black checkmark at the bottom of your screen to add your photo or video to your stories.

Even More Instagram Story Tips

  • Click the download button in the lower right corner of your screen to save your story.
  • Do you want to save your story, but it is already online? View your story, click the three dots in the bottom right, and select ‘Save photo.’
  • If you want to hide one or more of your Instagram followers, specify it in the ‘Story settings’ option. It is also possible to turn off comments on a story.

You can also upload Boomerangs, photos, and Hyperlapses to your Instagram Stories.

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