How to Check Someone’s Newest Followers on Instagram?

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To check someone’s newest followers on Instagram, you can visit their Instagram page. Tap on the list of followers, which will be in chronological order, i.e., the newest followers list at the top. But sometimes, recent followers are usually placed at the end of the list. So double-check. If this method doesn’t work, you can also try checking current followers from the browser.

If you look at someone’s follower list in the Instagram app, you’ll get the default list, not the chronological one. However, many users tried using the browser version to get the list of followers in the order they chose, and it worked.

The Instagram website still seems to show the follower list in the correct order. On the other hand, this method may or may not work. But it’s worth a try!

Here’s how to check the newest someone’s Instagram followers list via browser:

  • Open Instagram in your browser.
  • Type someone’s username in the search bar.
  • Select the account and open the profile.
  • Click followers next to the following.
  • It shows the latest followers at the top.

Alternative Way to Check Someone’s Newest Followers on Instagram

1. Try Snoopreport

Snoopreport is your go-to app to monitor the activity of more than 100 Instagram accounts with simple clicks, and it’s not just limited to tracking followers. The app allows your audience to find out who they’ve been following recently, their most liked activity on Instagram, their latest posts, etc. It notifies you of all your activities on Instagram, including the tool that works online. So you don’t need to download it to your mobile phone or enter your Instagram credentials to access the data.

After entering the target user’s profile, the app combines the data of their last followers with general followers and offers you new followers. Of course, Snoopreport doesn’t provide you with these services for free. To access the required data, you must choose an appropriate paid plan.

2. KidsGuards Pro

As the name suggests, this is for those who need to follow their kids’ activities or follow anyone’s activities on Instagram. The app needs to install on the target’s phone, so there is a risk that they will know that you’re spying on the user. It would be great if you could install the app and store it in a separate folder.

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