How to Sign Up on Facebook?

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Facebook has become the world’s largest networking site. It was initially founded in America and is rapidly conquering the world. Don’t have a Facebook profile yet but want to create one to stay in touch with your friends? You can read how to do this here.

Sing Up on Facebook

To sign up on Facebook, you must first open the website immediately. For this, go to You will then see a registration form. Enter your first and last name, email address, and password here. Also, specify your gender and date of birth and click the ‘Register’ button.

After that, a screen will appear where you must pass an extra security check. Enter the code in the box. Don’t click on register directly because, in this window, you will also find a link to the conditions. Read carefully to know what you accept when signing up. For example, you give Facebook the right to use the photos you post if you don’t want that; signing up (or mailing an image doesn’t make much sense.) Then click ‘Sign Up.’

Of course, it’s nice that you can add a few people to your friend list right away. Facebook helps with this by allowing you to search for your friends using your email address. If you have Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, or any other email address, you can sign up with it. Facebook then uses your address books to check which people are already Facebook members and gives you the option to invite them right away.

You can also click ‘Skip this step’ at the bottom of the screen if you prefer to look at what Facebook is about first. The next step is to complete your profile. You will ask various questions, including about your education and job. Click ‘Save and Continue’ after filling in the boxes. Here again, you have the option to skip the step.

Finally, you can add a profile picture to your profile. As you have seen before, you’re giving Facebook the right to use that photo by uploading that photo. This probably won’t happen, but it might be wise to think ahead at least a bit when posting the photo.

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