How to Sign Up on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the B2B social network among all social media. LinkedIn makes up thousands of professionals who sign up every day from all over the world to connect and take advantage of the opportunities. Maybe it’s time to sign up for LinkedIn and enjoy all the features you can find there.

This network can potentially enhance your career or your company’s visibility. You’re in the right place. If you don’t know where to start, sign up for the LinkedIn user team.

How Do I Sign Up for LinkedIn?

  • Go to the official LinkedIn website
  • Open the home page
  • Click on the ‘Register’ button

You only need an email address and a password to create your account. Signing up for LinkedIn couldn’t be easier! Remember, you cannot reuse the email address you added to create a new account.

LinkedIn will then ask you questions to get to know you better and complete your profile. Don’t worry; this part only takes a few minutes.

For example, you will ask for your first and last name. You can also include your phone number, but this is not required. When you do, you can now sync all your emails with your LinkedIn user account and connect with your contacts.

Indeed, a feature in LinkedIn allows you to find your contacts on the social network and notify them of your arrival. After the setup is complete, you can log into your account directly from LinkedIn.

How Do I Find People on LinkedIn?

If you want to add contacts and LinkedIn members to your network, it’s easy:

  • Type in the search bar (for example, your company name),
  • Select contacts

Choose to ‘log in’ with them; you can also message them to say hello.

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