How to Use TikTok Sounds?

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Want to understand how to use TikTok sounds? Find out by reading our guide to using and changing voices on TikTok.

There are many features of a platform like TikTok, but sometimes you can get lost in simpler ones. As you know, TikTok bases its reputation on music clips and content with very high entertainment value. For this to happen optimally, adding the right music and the best sounds are necessary.

Add or Change Sound on TikTok

We guess that adding sound to a video on TikTok is no longer possible with the essential functions of this platform. Until recently, the famous music social network allowed you to quickly add and edit your videos by adding sounds via a built-in function.

Currently, it’s possible to do this in two ways: Record a video with a third-party app and capture audio or music already available on TikTok. With this critical detail in mind, let’s see how you can use sound on this beautiful platform.

Add Audio on TikTok

How to Upload Sound on TikTok?

Don’t underestimate the built-in library of this platform; you can use all the sounds available on it and the audios of other people’s videos. Now let’s see how to make the most of them and how to use them effectively:

  1. Open the official TikTok app and select the ‘Explore’ section at the bottom.
  2. A search bar will open where you can enter the keyword that recalls the desired sound or music track.
  3. After choosing the right song, press the spinning disk at the bottom and decide whether to use it immediately.
  4. Click ‘Use Sound’ in the first case and ‘Add’ to favorites in the second case.

Using the sound immediately, you must start a recording, choose the tempo, and press ‘Stop’ when finished. Confirm to share the clip with the selected audio, press ‘Next,’ and then ‘Publish.’ That’s how simple to use sound on Tiktok!

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