İnstagram Following Random Accounts

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Instagram following random accounts problem is a problem faced by many people. This usually happens when spammers take over your account. To prevent your Instagram account from automatically following others, make sure that only you can access your account.

It is usual for your Instagram account to follow random accounts on its own. The reason for following Instagram random accounts may be a situation resulting from logging into illegal and harmful applications to your accounts. Such practices are hazardous for your accounts. Therefore, when logging into such applications, you’re directly included in a pool with your account or API. Thus, Instagram starts following random accounts.

Unfollow Instagram Random Accounts

You should pay attention to two steps to prevent following random accounts on Instagram. We share these steps so you can keep your account much more secure:

  • Change Your Password

Be sure to change your password immediately after logging into your Instagram account. After changing your password completely, log out of all devices. This way, your account will no longer follow anyone else.

  • Be Sure to Check Instagram API Permissions

To do this, log in to Instagram now. After logging in, browse the apps section and review the apps you allow. If there is no application that you have permitted, it will be enough to change your password. However, if there are applications that you qualify for, remove them immediately.

  • Don’t Share Your Password with Anyone!

The password of your Instagram account must be unique to you, and never share it with anyone. When you share your password with others, they can efficiently perform all the operations you do from your account. Therefore, they can follow the people they want from your account, like or comment on their posts, and send messages to those they like. They can do this without you even realizing it. When you see them later, you think Instagram is doing it to your cat or your account has been stolen. Don’t share your password with anyone, including applications, for your account security.

As a result, when you follow the steps described above, your Instagram account will never follow random accounts by itself. The problem of Instagram following random performances will be resolved. Please pay attention to our warnings to avoid falling into the same situation again.

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